Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is very simple. What you transmit to us will remain private and will stay with us.

This includes both the data you input as well as your personal data, such as your email address, name, address, credit card information and all other information we receive from you.

This means that …

1. We will not view the data except to provide technical support at your request.

– And –

2. We will not sell, rent or market your email address or other collected personal information.

The two exceptions, of course, are as follows: (1) using your personal data solely in connection with processing your credit card payments; and (2) a court order or validly issued subpoena.

No Marketing/Communications

Another benefit of InvestorFuse is that we won’t inundate you with internal or third party marketing. InvestorFuse will only send you email communications to remind you to renew your account, to inform you of new or improved services and for other administrative, technical, or support purposes. Should InvestorFuse offer a newsletter, you’ll have the option of opting in or opting out.

Personal Data

Once you register with InvestorFuse and sign in to the service, you are not anonymous to InvestorFuse. When registering with InvestorFuse you provide Personal Data, which may include company name, industry, number of employees, phone number, your title, city, state, country, zip code, a user name, confirmed email address, and a password. When backing data up with the Service, you send us that data and you also are sending file system information, including names of files and directories. InvestorFuse may also record your IP address when you submit information. InvestorFuse also may collect, at your option, certain preference and demographic information from you.

All information collected by InvestorFuse is used for internal purposes of providing the Service, providing support to users, and to improve services. Aggregating non-identifying information supplied by users allows InvestorFuse to understand its user base and to improve services.

To protect your account information, please keep your login password secure.

All Users may opt to remove their Personal Data from our live database by contacting InvestorFuse and canceling their InvestorFuse user account.