See how Nexus Homebuyers went from being unranked to number 1 in their market in 3 months.


Reibar Marketing was able to help me from not being visible on google to number 1 for all of my keywords within 3 months.


Danny Leblanc, Cofounder & CEOStaffhub LLC

SEO For Real Estate Investors Is No Longer Optional

As a real estate investor, being the go to source in your market starts with your online presence.

If your business can’t be found on page 1 of google, you’re losing out on 91.5% of the google traffic.

At Reibar Marketing, our SEO process is designed specifically for real estate investors and is proven to generate long-lasting results.

Our Proven SEO Process

Reibar Marketing was founded to handle digital marketing and search engine optimization for real estate investors. As investors ourselves, we found the process of ranking our websites for each market was extremely time consuming and we didn’t have time to focus on growing our business. We decided to systematize our SEO processes and provide SEO services for real estate investors.


Discovery process

Targeted questionnaire, industry research, and strategy meeting


Analytics Audit

In depth audit to discover any issues that need to be addressed for your campaign.


Industry Landscape

SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Buzzsumo to find out what is working in the industry and what is not. Also to determine the level of competition in your market. This also sets the plan for content marketing.


Technical Website Audit

Run an in-depth technical audit of the website to see if there are any issues with the website.


Competitive Research

Understand the competition and what they are doing in your given market.


Keyword Mapping

Find the most valuable keywords in your market for your given industry. Also find out the CPC for future PPC campaigns.


Audience Profiling

Find the ideal customer demographic for the given market. This will allow content to be laser targeted to find that ideal client.


Competitive Link Audit

Find out what the competitors are doing and what their backlink profile looks like.


Link Opportunity Mapping

Making sure that we send the links to the right pages. We want to rank for the correct pages since links are so difficult to come by.


Content Calendar

Make sure that our content is posted on a regular basis and that the content is planned out ahead of time.


Final Campaign Strategy

Strategy maps out the goals and expectations throughout the duration of your campaign. Client must sign off on the campaign.


Execute Technical Updates

Before links can be built, the technical issues must be addressed. We create a plan for the developer to implement. If the client does not have a developer, we can take care of it for them.


Implement Analytics Updates

Make sure everything is setup properly to manage and track results.


Launch Content Marketing Campaign

Publish at least 2 pieces of content per month. Content is scheduled in the content calendar.


Create “Personas” For Outreach

Outreach must look like it is coming from the business, so creation, strategy, and building of personas must be achieved.


Organic Content Promotion

It is not enough to just publish your content, you have to promote it. We promote your content through all of your social media profiles.


Skyscraper Content Outreach

Find websites that are linking to similar content and send them an outreach email asking for links.


Ongoing Link Outreach

Outreach emails run throughout the schedule of your campaign constantly creating opportunities to build links.


Link Building Campaigns

We focus on building at least 1 campaign per month and focus on social media outreach, press releases, and blog posts.


Reporting, Analytics, and Consulting

Our monthly reports go in depth and show you the progress of the campaign we are running. We revisit our work each month and make adjustments as needed.

why work with Reibar Marketing

Why Work With

Reibar Marketing

monthly tracking and reporting seo services
  • We get results for our clients month after month.
  • Drive relevant traffic to your webpage.
  • Transparency
  • Monthly progress reports.
  • 1 on 1 access to your SEO pro.
  • Content managed for you every month.

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