Reibar Marketing

An SEO Company Founded By Real Estate Investors

Reibar Marketing was founded to handle digital marketing and search engine optimization for real estate investors. As investors ourselves, we found the process of ranking our websites for each market was extremely time consuming and we didn’t have time to focus on growing our business. We decided to systematize our SEO processes and provide SEO services for real estate investors.

We provide an in-depth process to not only rank your website the right way, but to handle your digital marketing needs so you can focus on one thing, closing more deals!

The Team

Matt Bigach
Before cofounding Reibar Marketing, Matt cofounded a real estate investment business in Knoxville, Tennessee. He managed the SEO and digital marketing for the real estate business before deciding to start Reibar Marketing.
Zach Tetley
Zach co-founded Reibar Marketing after seeing a need for SEO services in the real estate investor industry. After seeing how successful his own company, Nexus Homebuyers, had been using SEO, he wanted to help others dominate their local market.

Our Creed

Reibar Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization for real estate investors. In addition to handling search engine optimization for our clients, we also run our own real estate investment company.

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