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SEO for real estate investors is an a solid way to drive more traffic and potential leads to your website and ultimately increase your ROI.

Each one of our campaigns are customized to fit our client’s desired market, and help them and their brand stand out to potential customers.

Reibar Marketing’s organic SEO service includes market planning and strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content marketing, and monthly reporting.

Our Search Engine Optimization Approach

market planning and strategy

Market Planning And Strategy

We start by looking at your business goals in both the long and short-term, your market, your competitors, and your current website. Once we understand your market and your business, we will be able to put together a plan to help you drive your prospective leads to your site. We start with:

  • SEO Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Initial Ranking Report

On-Site Optimization

Not only do you need a website, but you need a website that is mobile-friendly and can easily be crawled by search engines. We make sure that your website has the correct setup within the first months of our campaign. After your website is optimized, we focus on optimizing your content such as blog posts, images, videos, and web pages. During this phase we focus on:

  • Keyword Placement and Diversity
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Image and Video Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Blog Maintenance
local citations seo services

Local Citations

Citations are the directory listings for your business within your target market. Many prospective customers use these directories to gather information about your business. If these citations are not up to date or do not exist, you could be losing out on leads. We focus on:

  • Profile Optimization
  • Photo Uploads
  • Username/Password Management
off page SEO services for real estate investors

Off-Site Optimization

Having great content is only part of the ranking process. You have to have solid backlinks pointing to your website from quality sources. Reibar Marketing specializes in building quality backlinks to your site very month. We build links from many sources, but some of the most common links we build are:

  • Real Estate Directories
  • Local Directories
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Sites
  • Real Estate Blogs

Tracking And Reporting

Each month, we will provide you with a full report of your results for the last 30 days to track your progress. We will walk you through your results in terms that can be understood as well as review your goals and make sure our plan still aligns with yours. Some of the things in your report will be:

  • Organic Ranking Tracker
  • Website Traffic
  • Backlink Summary
  • Competitor Comparison
monthly reporting SEO services for real estate investors

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